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Story of a Cubs fan

A lot of people ask why I like the Cubs, how I can root for a team that just can’t get it together. A lot of people ask if I believe in the curse or if I am just a loser who relates well with other losers. Cubs fans, believe it or not, are not created equal. Some Cubs fans were born into a family where their fathers or uncles or brothers or someone influenced them from birth, some like the teams logo or the field where they play. The old story has always gone that it doesn’t really matter if the Cubs win or lose as long as you have a great day in the sun at Wrigley. Later it was changed to " as long as Sammy hits one out it was a good day". Now we are starting to see boo birds all over Wrigley and the old school fans are ashamed of it. The reason for this is that people, fans, really want to see the Cubs win. While I don’t agree with booing them every chance you get, I certainly understand it. I grew up in a single parent home with a mother who had to work a whole lot of hours and didn’t have a lot of time to be around. The Chicago Cubs were the one constant I always had, and while it’s true they let me down an awful lot, they were always there. The Cubs mean everything to me and it’s difficult for a lot of people to understand. When I was 10 years old I was taken to a game at Wrigley in August 1987, it was my first time in a ballpark and we sat in right field. Andre Dawson hit three homeruns against the Phillies that day and I was hooked. He still is my all time favorite. I am only 28 now and I actually worry that I will die before the Cubs win the series, how sad is that? Anyway, to answer the questions from above, I am a Cubs fan because the Cubs are family. I can root for the Cubs because the Cubs, above all else, offer hope. Hope that if you work hard enough, maybe that pot of gold really is just around the corner. I do not believe in the curse of the billy goat, I do however believe in runs of bad luck, no matter how long that bad luck may last. Sometimes the ball just doesn’t bounce our way. The Cubs will have their day, I just hope I’m around to see it.